How to Use ChatterPix During Writer's Workshop

Do you have iPads in your classroom?  Do you do writer's workshop?  Then this post is for you!  I'm going to show you how I use ChatterPix, a free iPad app, in my writer's workshop. 

ChatterPix is an awesome, FREE iPad app.  It's by the app makers Duck, Duck Moose, who make some other incredible apps.  Essentially, in ChatterPix, you take a picture, add a mouth and then record so you can make pretty much anything talk.  It's funny and the kids LOVE it!  

Five Great Habits to Start Now!!

Hi guys!! Jessica here from Tech and Teachability. How is your new year going? I hope everyone is getting off to a great start!

I'm chatting today about five great (and healthy and and easy!) habits that you need to start right now!! I have begun these over the past few weeks and I feel so much better. Granted, I'm not yet changing the world but I am changing my everyday life. And maybe you will. too!

Tournament of Books: March Madness for the Classroom

Hello, friends!

It's Christmas break for me and I'm taking a few minutes to plan ahead for the new year!  Last year our first graders hosted a Tournament of Books and it was a huge success so we're getting ready to host one again this year!

The first thing I did was put up this huge bracket in the main hallway of our school.  It generated a ton of buzz around the school, especially before we shared any details about what we were actually planning!  The Brown Bag Teacher has bracket printables free on Teachers Pay Teachers.  They are perfect for getting your bracket ready.  To build the bracket, I started from the middle and worked out on each side, using black duct tape for the lines.  It wasn't a quick project, but it turned out perfectly!

10 Tips to Recharge Over Winter Break

Woohoo!  It's almost here!  As teachers, we give our all to our students and sometimes, we just need a minute to take a breath so we can bring our best every day.  Winter Break is the perfect time to get this must needed rest to recharge and come back in the new year refreshed and ready to go!  Here are 10 of my favorite ways to do just that.

Parent Presents, PART TWO

HI, Friends!! It's Erin, from Very Perry Classroom again!
 Last year, I shared what we made in my classroom for our parent presents from students.. Since I am teaching first grade right now, and have many of the same students this year as last year,  I needed to make something different. A lot has been going on, and I started to worry that we weren't going to finish our presents (or even DECIDE on what to make) in time! Then, I went to Michael's.... Which is dangerous for any crafty teacher in December, but, lo and behold, there was a SALE! :)
I found packs of six of this style of ornament for 50% off....

Using Sticky Notes for Interactive Read Alouds

Do you love sticky notes as much as I do?  I have them in every color, every size, lined, unlined, tabs and extra sticky.  You name it, I probably have a sticky note for you to use.  One of my favorite ways to use sticky notes is for Interactive Read Alouds.  Read on to learn how I use them and for a freebie!

Hey there, this is Paige from Our Elementary Lives and this is my FIRST blog post on the Primary
Punchbowl.  I just recently joined this fabulous group of ladies and couldn’t be more excited.  You can read more about me on my blog here!   

Writer's Workshop Story Starters

My little friends can spend an entire Writer's Workshop just thinking of story ideas. Does that happen to your class also? I am not a fan of staged writing prompts from the teacher, so getting them to pull from their own experiences can be difficult. That is why I send home a special letter at the beginning of the year. Read on to learn more and grab it for free!
Mrs Barnett First Grade

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