Turkey Trouble Writing Activity

Hi this is Diana from MyDayinK and I am excited to be writing my first blog post for our Primary Punchbowl blog.  I hope that you are surviving the crazy week before Halloween festivities.  To be quite honest I am not sure if I am going to make it. ;) If a full moon the week of Halloween wasn't bad enough my voice has decided to take a vacation.  Teaching a room full of kindergarten kiddos with a squeaky voice has certainly been a trick and definitely not a treat!  Let's just say I have resorted to a lot of hand motions.  Enough about me though, today I thought I would share an activity I do in November with my kiddos with the book Turkey Trouble by Wendy Silvano.  

If you haven't read this story it is about a turkey that does not want to get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner so he disguises himself as different animals around the farm hoping to blend in and be left alone.  

The book lends itself to some great vocabulary discussion about what a disguise is and why someone or something would use it.  After we read the story we make our own turkey in disguise.  I give all my students the same turkey image and they color and then use construction paper to create a disguise to hide their turkey.  In the past years I have seen some very creative ideas such as a cowboy, dinosaur, princess, football player, and elephant. 

Once the students finish their turkey then they use the writing sheet below to write what their disguise is.  We hang these up on our bulletin board for the month of November.  

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  May the force be with you as you tackle the rest of this week with all the craze of the full moon and Halloween!  The couch is calling my name and I must answer so I will be binge watching Netflix and sipping some hot tea in hopes that my voice makes its appearance tomorrow. :)  Have a great rest of your week!



  1. This is so cute! We will definitely be trying this out with our kiddos! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley and Brooklynn

  2. We are reading this book next week, so this post was perfect timing! Thanks so much for sharing. Great post!

    Luv My Kinders


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