Making a Jeopardy Game Using PowerPoint!

Hey y'all! Brogan here from Brogan's Bits! I am so excited to make my official first post on The Primary Punchbowl. I love these ladies and I am so excited to get a chance to work and collaborate with them! 

I'm going to make a shout out to all the tech/PowerPoint guru's for this blogpost. I seriously love everything PowerPoint related. I do not know what I would do without PowerPoint and use it ALL the time in my own classroom! I love learning new ways to use it and was thrilled when I found this awesome quick trick! 

So, I will be honest. I originally started this post to teach you how to make your own jeopardy game. However, I found a template that makes it so much easier and I thought.. "We are teachers. Who wouldn't love a quick plug and play Jeopardy game?!". That being said, I quickly changed the tune of this blog post. 

If you go to Educational Technology Network and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find several downloadable templates for a jeopardy game! I downloaded the "Basic Jeopardy Template" which looks like this: 

Now, from here on out it's pretty explanatory. If you are obsessed with making things look cutesy (like I am!) then you can play around with changing the background and fonts. The next step is to start plugging in questions and answers to the slides. The slides go in order (starting on slide 3) for Topic 1 Question 1 (where you will type in the first question for that topic). The next slide (slide 4) will be the "answer slide" for the previous question. In the bottom right corner of the answer slide you will see a small house button. If you click that it will take you back to the main page with the Jeopardy table. Once you fill in all of your questions and answers you are ready to play! Seriously, it is that easy! All the question pages are linked to the Jeopardy table page on the number values. So, if you have the table pulled up (which looks like this): 

and you click on the "10" under topic 1 it will lead you to the question you have typed in for that topic/value. 

If you are interested in making your own Jeopardy game, click here for a fantastic tutorial. I hope you find this helpful in your own classroom! I know I love using this for quick assessment or review on my Promethean Board. 

Hope all of you are having the most fantastic year! Thanks for stopping by! 



  1. I always wanted to learn how to do this! It's so much fun playing games in the classroom! Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. How fun! I loved playing this when I was in school! I can't wait to create one to use with my students. I appreciate you sharing with us!


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