Favorite Black History Books for Primary

Hi, friends! It's Erin, from Very Perry Classroom! Today, I am sharing some of my favorite books to read to primary students during studies on Black History.... 

Andrea, a Punchie from Always Kindergarten, shared some of her favorites with me... We both love the "Ordinary People Change the World" series, and how kid-friendly does this one about Rosa Parks look?? Click the book cover to check it out on Amazon. 

Another favorite is Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King. I have this in Big Book form, and the kids really like the information presented in it. It's a great one to read as informational text, and to help with writing projects in January. 
For students in second grade and older, I really like this one about Ruby Bridges:
I remember being in the teacher education program in college, and we had many choices of a historical figure to create a lesson on. I chose to create a lesson on Ruby Bridges, using this book, and have loved her story since. It's a little too advanced for my kinders, but I have read it to second graders, and they LOVED it. 

On Epic! Books, I found a book that I have fallen in love with. It is called "Let Freedom Sing."
I love the way it explains the Civil Rights using dates and events in terms that students will be able to understand. 

Finally, I have a pack I created to do with students. I use the information about each historical figure as a close read, use the graphic organizers as a shared writing organizer, and then work with students in small groups for more independent writing. 

I love that there are both male and female figures to discuss as a class, and students are very engaged in the text. 
You can find my pack here

I hope you have a wonderful February! 

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