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I'm LOVING third grade so far. It's been an adjustment but let me tell ya, I made the correct choice when I switched not only grade levels but also districts. We are finishing the first quarter this week Thursday and have a four day weekend for Columbus Day. I'm excited for the weekend but sad to know a quarter of the year is already in the books.

With the switch of schools and districts a lot more has been placed in my lap. It's all been for the better. We are requiring the students to not only set their own goals but to track them. Each student in our school has their own DATA binder.

In my classroom, I have the students track their spelling tests, reading selection tests from our curriculum, Accelerated Reader tests, math facts and math tests. Yes, I realize that is a lot to track but we do certain ones on certain days. It only takes a few minutes each day for students to fill in their new data and color in their bar graphs.

I have a meeting with each of my students weekly to discuss their goals for the week. During this conference we discuss their prior weeks goals and their goals for the following week. These are the mini goals they set for themselves.

My students have reached deep in themselves to meet their goals every week. I think only a handful have not met their goal only on one week in one subject. The students are learning how to push themselves to be successful. I have seen a lot of growth in my students just in these first nine weeks of school. I have been blown away with their desire to track their data! They truly are improving themselves in many different aspects in the classroom. I plan to add a Class Dojo point tracking system next week. These forms will follow them onto fourth grade next year and even onto fifth grade if they haven't moved away by then.

These binders make it a breeze when it comes to Parent Teacher Conferences. Parents were amazed to see the growth and progress their students have made. Please feel free to download this sampler of my data graphs my students use. I'm in the middle of putting together the year and I will post them to my store soon! Check back for an update...

Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with me at the Primary Punchbowl! Until next time.


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