After Winter Break Refresher

Hello there! It's Jessi from Wild West by Jessi here again to blog. If you are like me you might be feeling a little sad knowing you go back to school soon. I start back in the classroom with students on Monday, January 4, 2016. Makes me a little sad to think I have just over a day left on break! I'm also in sort of a panic mode as when we return on Monday, we will only have 90 days left of our school year. Yes, 90 days! Our school year is officially half way over and in the books. We have SOOOO much left to cover and teach with just 90 days left.

With the start of school right around the corner again and the students being off for several weeks it's the perfect time to refresh the routines and procedures of the classroom. Here are a few pointers and suggestions of things to review with your students as you return back to school from break...

* How to line up before going to the classroom.
* How to unpack for the day (If your students hang their backpacks out in the hallway.)
* How to enter the classroom.
* Morning routine (bell work, ordering lunch, etc...)
* Where notes from home belong.
* Where to turn in bell work.
* Make-up assignments.
* How you handle assignments for when the student is absent.
* Handling of school supplies and materials.
* Collecting materials.
* Bathroom procedures- signing out, signing back into the classroom etc...
* What to do when you are finished with an assignment.
* Getting a drink of water procedure/ water bottle procedure.
* Homework, late work, missing assignments, etc...
* How misbehaviors will be handled.
* Positive behavior reinforcement.
* When it's appropriate to take an AR Test.
* What to do for a Fire Drill, Lockdown, etc...
* Recess behavior and expectations.

Just like the first few weeks of school after summer is over and the students have come back you'll want to spend the first week if not the first two weeks reviewing and modeling everything again. The students will need the refresher and you'll be thankful you spent time again reviewing your procedures and routines in your classroom. Reviewing the procedures and routines will help get the class as a whole refocused and energized to take on the second half of the school year.

I hope this helps to refresh what procedures and routines you might need to refresh not only yourself on but also the kids. I hope everyone has had a restful winter break and has a wonderful rest of your school year!

Until next time,

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