Winter Science Experiments

Hello there!!  I'm Megan Baker, a first grade teacher born and raised in Kansas, blogger at Mrs. Baker's Dozen, and currently 5 lbs overweight. could be ten.  What can I say?  I love Christmas candy! :)

In my first grade classroom, we absolutely love science!  I mean, LOVE.  The second I say the words science experiment, the room is silent.  Even the chattiest of kiddos.  It's quiet because they know by now that they will have instructions to follow and if they don't listen, they don't get to participate.  Sad, but true my friends.

I have two experiment tips for you.  Before you start a major experiment, I would go over your expectations.  I would create a quick anchor chart to hang so that kids can be reminded easily.  

The next tip would be to practice it beforehand!  I tried these two with my daughters.  If it gets my girlies excited, I know it will be a home run! :)  

Our first one is the Arctic Volcano.  Here are the printables included in my Winter Science pack.

We use this same experiment in September when we study apples.  Instead of carving out the middle of an apple, we put the baking soda in a small plastic container, set it in another bigger container, and surround it with ice to create an 'Arctic Volcano'.   We added blue food coloring at the end and it was a success!!

Our next experiment is Baby, It's Frosty Outside.  Totally simple and easy, a great way to introduce a unit on snow/ice/arctic animals.  

Simple, but so fun to write on some frost that we made ourselves!  :)  

I'm so happy to be apart of this sweet collaborative blog!  Thanks for joining me here today and if you'd like to take a peek at the rest of my Winter Experiments pack, you can see it on sale at my TPT Store HERE.  I've included a snowflake life cycle interactive reader, too.  

Thanks for stopping by!!!    

;) Meg

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  1. This looks like so much fun! We love new ways to incorporate science activities in with our themes! We can't wait to try the Arctic Volcano!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    Ashley and Brooklynn


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