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I’m Chynna, from First Grade is a Fairy Tale!
With the New Year approaching now is the perfect time to think of what is going well and could be a little better in your classroom. Last year, I found that my students always had a million and one questions. And they were silly questions that I most likely answered when giving directions. So today I am going to tell you about my classroom sanity saver :: The Question Board!

So… Here we go! In the front of the room on my white board I created the “Question Board.” 

What? Where? Question Cards 

These question cards were inspired by First Grade Glitter and Giggles.

Under the questions, you’ll help your students answer: “What can I use?” “Where can I work?” and “Where does this go?”

In my classroom we are usually using a variety of materials at a given time so I placed magnetic tape on the back of these cards. This allows me to easily switch the materials out that we are using from activity to activity. The same goes for where the students may work. Some lessons the students need to work at their desk but there are others that I allow them to freely choose where they would like to work.

Now for the, “Where does this go?” I placed these cards on a small binder ring that I placed on a mini hook. Having these cards on the binder ring allows me to easily flip to the card telling students where to put their work when it is complete.

Having these question cards on our board has really helped to save my sanity so far this year. Feel free to grab these FREE question cards here.

Voice Level Cards

I also have voice level cards up on this board. These cards are great because they help to remind my students of what their conversation level should be during the activity. In order to indicate their level I cut an arrow out of scrapbook paper and put magnetic tape on the back. These awesome cards are from Reagan Tunstall. Grab them in her store by clicking here!!  (BTW they’re free J)

Early Finisher Cards

The last life saver that I have posted is my “I’m Done, Now What?” Cards. These have been a huge sanity saver. Ultimately help me to avoiding the “Ms. S, I’m Done! What do I do????” (btw… It’s one of those questions that just drives me crazy inside!!) There are plenty of options for you to give your students to complete when they are done working. I usually keep 2-3 cards posted throughout the day or per subject. If you’d like to check these out click here to head on over to my TPT store. It is available in polkadots, owls, and superheroes.

I know this may sound like a lot but I promise it is worth the extra few seconds. You will quickly be repaid with your sanity!!

I hope you found my Questions Board to be resourceful. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my post and 
hang in there Winter Break is near!!!!!


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