Number Order Changed My Life

Hey Guys! It's Melinda from Tales of the Sassy Teacher.

 I am super excited to be blogging today! Today I wanted to share with you an idea that at first I absolutely hated but have grown to love. Its called Number order. 

I know! I know! You have heard that people give each student a number and file their papers or place their items in a numbered mail slot. This number order is completely different. I am talking about Lining Up Number Order. 

Let me explain. A few years ago, I had some friends in my school who would line their students up. I would always here them say, "So and So, that is not your number spot." So one day, I started watching them. It was like a whole new world. I walked down to their rooms and noticed the floor. 

There was a space for the line leader and door holder and then numbers lined down the floor. 1 all the way to 24. Now I just want to say that I was absolutely against this. I thought this is stupid and kept kids from being individuals. Let's just say 2 years later, I am a believer. Now I haven't put the numbers on the floor but I am planning on doing this next school year. This was simple to do. This was cut on a cricut with vinyl. It is placed on the floor and the custodians just wax over the floor. BRILLIANT!!!! Now if you have carpet in your room, just use tape or sit spots with numbers on it. You can make it work. 

I got the privilege of working with those colleagues last year and started putting my kids in that number order. It changed my world! I mean there was no longer a fight to the front or pushing to get in line. The students had a number and they got in line with that number. AHHHHHHH! The peace that came over the room. 

So you may be thinking about how the line leader and door holder works. Those are jobs on my job chart so that get rotated. Those 2 students line up and then everybody else line up on their spot. #mindblown

So what do you think? Try it after Christmas break. Let me know in the comments what you think. I would love to hear your thoughts on what you do or if you have tried it. 

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