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Hello, again! I'm Erin, from Very Perry Classroom!
Do you have trouble thinking of what to have students make for their parents every holiday season? Are you breaking the bank trying to create something that shows parents at least an ounce of how valuable they are to you and your students? We at The Primary Punchbowl want to share a few ways we, and others we have found, are making parent presents. 

Up first is Jessica from Pride and Primary!!

She had her kiddos make some ADORABLE frame ornaments, and the good news is: they are relatively inexpensive and, she says, very easy! She began by taking her students' pictures holding a sign with their names and future occupation. How sweet is this girl!?! She then had students glue pasta pieces on a paper plate with a hole cut in the middle. She spray-painted the whole thing, punched a hole at the top, and looped a ribbon through the hole to hang it. Then, she added the printed picture, and has a super cute, easy, and inexpensive present to show parents appreciation!

Next up is Melinda, from Tales of the Sassy Teacher!
She made these adorable reindeer ornaments. She also let her students hang them on the class tree before she wraps them up and sends them home! Aren't these just a fun trip to the North Pole?
What you'll need per student is simple: a brown clothespin, 2 googly eyes, a red pom pom (for Rudolph), and brown pipe cleaners (for antlers). All you need to do to assemble is paint the clothespin brown, glue on the eyes, twist the pipe cleaners into antlers and glue on clothespin, and add the nose. I recommend using tacky glue, but if you want to assemble using a hot glue gun, PLEASE do not let students near it! :) 

In my class, we have been doing our project in stages. We have had a lot going on, as the rest of you have, as well, with Winter Song Fest practice, indoor recess, and more. So, we started with our blank canvases. ;) I made the same project with my students last year, so I scoped out Michael's for the same deal this year, and was able to get the canvases for 50% each pack, as well as my teacher discount. HUGE SCORE. This is what I got. I ended up spending LESS than $20 for 18 canvases, and they are a nice solid block to paint. First, we painted them blue:
Then, we added a white hand print. Once the hand print was dry, I had students draw snowman faces, hats, and noses using permanent markers (don't worry, they were supervised). Finally, they added stripes of paint for scarves. Every single block turns out different, but every single one turns out to be a treasure. 

I have to tell you, I got a new student last week, and was SO worried about what to do. I had most of the projects in the final stages when the kiddo arrived, so I took a look to see if they sold the canvas in single packs. No. Such. Luck.I didn't want the kid (or their parents) to feel left out, so I had to think of something!! This past May, I had a parent project I made with my students for promotion. I had 2 picture frames (from the dollar store) left, so I made the same project in a different way. I MAY just do this next year, if I don't find the canvas on sale when I need it next year. 

Tomorrow, my students will be stamping brown bags and wrapping up their presents. 

For our cards, we made these fingerprint lights:
Our caption will say, "You brighten up my life!" 

My students are OVER THE MOON excited, as most students are this week, to give their parents their OWN presents! 

Finally, we have our wonderful Laura, from Luv My Kinders...
These are actually last year's presents, but SO darn cute!! Take a look....

I found a few other fun ideas from Pinterest (surprise), and thought you may like the ideas as well. Click on each picture to be taken to the original post.
Framed silhouette
Simple, yet a treasure
A personalized candle!
Clay pot trees

What are your favorite parent present ideas? Happy Giving!

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