Five Great Habits to Start Now!!

Hi guys!! Jessica here from Tech and Teachability. How is your new year going? I hope everyone is getting off to a great start!

I'm chatting today about five great (and healthy and and easy!) habits that you need to start right now!! I have begun these over the past few weeks and I feel so much better. Granted, I'm not yet changing the world but I am changing my everyday life. And maybe you will. too!

Pre-pack simple snacks in little ziploc snack bags. 

I've been making my own trail mix and packing it in snack bags. I've been storing them in dollar store containers on my pantry shelf. 

A couple of my favorites include:
Berry Jam: pecans, dried blueberries, dried strawberries
Cashew Crunch: raisins, cashews, coconut shreds
Banana Split: dried bananas, walnuts, dried cherries

I'm doing the Whole 30 right now, but you can be sure that I will be adding peanuts and M&Ms and peanut butter chips to the mix when I get done!!

Pack your lunch the night before. (And your kids!)

Okay this may seem incredibly simple, but so many times in the past I woke up and found myself rushed to get ready for the day. This simple act has made my mornings so much easier!! I've even gone a little crazy and packed two to three days of lunches ahead of time!

Park further away, if possible.

Again, this may seem simple. But every little bit helps. No, it probably won't make you into a well toned Miss America but it will help you to get those steps in!

Put the phone down 10-30 minutes before bedtime.

Information has arisen (and here and here and here and here check out AsapSCIENCE's video here and here is one about children and tech and sleep) have shown that technology before bed affects our sleep. We should power down and stick to sleeping!!

This one has been a bit hard for me, so instead of completely powering down, I found a calming app that features different sounds like rain or fire crackling. The Calm app or the Relax Melodies app have been great. I prefer the rainstorms!

Laugh. Everyday.

Find what humors you and enjoy a good laugh. Search social media for what you find funny by putting a hashtag in front of it. Check out, Watch and listen to Jon Cozart on YouTube. Pinterest "teacher humor" and laugh uncontrollably. Whatever. Just enjoy life!

I'll get you started.

Well that's it for today! I hope I inspired you to make a quick change or two! 

Happy teaching!!

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