Parent Teacher Conferences......HELP!!!!

Hey guys! I'm Melinda from Tales of the Sassy Teacher and I am super excited today to write today on the Primary Punchbowl. Today we are going to be talking about Parent Teacher Conferences.

It is that Time of year and I don't know about you but I dread conferences. I get so nervous. I want my parents to feel comfortable to talk but I want to feel comfortable to really chat about what I see happening with in the classroom. 

Let me give you some background on what I do at my school. I am currently teaching math to 3 1st grade classrooms. This means that when I get ready for conferences, I must get information ready for my team so that they can share my thoughts during their time. It makes it more difficult because you have to use others to help you convey your message. 

With that being said, I do a few things that help me to make this time smoother. 

1. I create folders that have all the students graphs from assessments ready to go. 
2. My team member gives me a folder as well with all of her Reading materials in it. 

3. I have a conference summary sheet that is super helpful. I have each team member check off what they need to say and then I report. 
Click HERE

This is very helpful when working with a team of people. If you like this then just click under the picture to grab a copy. You will be able to edit it to fit your needs. 

The form filled out.

Now the other things that I use is some planning sheets that I created for sending reminders to parents that it is that time of year. 

This is completely free. If you would like to download a copy just click HERE!

Well, I hope this will give you some confidences when planning for those conferences. Stop by and check out more post from the Primary Punchbowl. It has been a great pleasure to have spent today with you.


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