5 Quick & Easy Ideas for the 100th Day of School

Hey there, punchbowl friends!  It's Andrea from Always Kindergarten.  Our 100th day of school is quickly approaching and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat.  Some years, I've had all the time in the world to plan and prep engaging activities to celebrate the big day.  However, there have been those years where everything seems to be happening all at once and I have less time to get myself ready.  Here are 5 super fun, low stress, and low prep ideas to make your 100th day celebration memorable for your kiddos!

Writing: When I am 100....
"When I am 100, I will use a cane to walk and I will like to sit."
You can grab the writing paper from my friend, Tara, over at Little Minds at Work!

Art: 100 Pictures
I cut the digits 1-0-0 out using our die cut machine and the students glue them down on the paper and turn them into something else!  The results are super cute!!
If you don't have access to a die cut machine, you can print the numbers out or have students cut them out of magazines.

Math: Race to 100
Students roll a die and add mini linker cubes to the hundreds chart.  The first person to 100, wins!

100th Day Q-Tip Painting
So quick and easy and the kiddos LOVE this!  I set out 10 different colors of paint and students put 10 dots in each section of the paper using a Q-tip!  
You can find this printable from Rebecca Drake Lehtinen & Whitney Ueltzen here.

100 Kisses
A classic!  I use dot labels to number the bottom of the kisses and the kiddos match them to the number on the hundred chart.  You can grab a copy of this simple printable here or by clicking on the picture.

If you're looking for more awesome 100th day activities, check out these great units from some of my Primary Punchbowl friends!

This unit has some more great printables for the 100th day! 
Click here for this unit from my friend, Erin, at Very Perry Classroom.

And how cute is this pirate themed 100th day unit from my friend, Sarah, at Mrs. B's First Grade!?  Check it out here.

Happy 100th Day!

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  1. How cute are these activities?! I really love idea of the art drawing with the number 100. I have the kiddies find out how many licks it takes to get to the middle of a Toostie Roll lollipop. Every time they lick the lollipop, they have to color in a number in a 200 hundreds chart. You should see their faces! This is one way we celebrate the 120th day of school. Thanks for sharing! You are awesome!


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