Very Versatile Victories

Celebrating students' success is something we always try to do…but if you're anything like us, in the hustle and bustle of the school day- sometimes we neglect to celebrate their "everyday"victories!  We've vowed to make this a focus of our next year.  We have reflected on the current ways we motivate and celebrate students' victories, and we've been searching for new and innovative ways to do so.  

Currently, we only celebrate a few successes, but, we are making a pact to change that.  We are planning to celebrate the really TOUGH kindergarten stuff…the stuff you really have to work to master!  We want to ensure that the "value" of these successes are felt, so we aren't giving these victories to everyone for anything; but rather, to those who work hard to accomplish big things.

Here are a few very versatile ways to celebrate students' victories!
We LOVE when students give that "glow" of pride when they master something after working so hard for it!  This is the way we used to post their accomplishments.  
There is nothing wrong with it necessarily, but they are scattered around the room and aren't easy to see unless you know what/where to look.  Now, we have several skills-based posters grouped together, in a similar format, and posted in a cohesive manner.  It's in one distinct part of our room, where students can easily (and at any moment) check their progress.

We wholeheartedly believe that when students are able to take ownership of their own learning, their learning becomes more meaningful.  We cannot wait to implement Personal Student Data tabs in our daily "take-home" binders…(HEROES Binders).  Along with our newsletters, class list, daily schedule, etc., we are looking forward to also having tabs for students to track their own data.  Since we have not  used these before, we are not sure exactly what we are going to include, but we have been looking at Pinterest and on TPT…it seems so many of you have awesome data collection products.  What we love about this is that students can take ownership of their own learning and can track their progress themselves.  We cannot wait to start putting these binders together!!!

Are you fluent in "ten finger woos"?  What about a "thirteen finger woo"?
We are very much believers in the Whole Brain Teaching strategies and these "woos" are something that Chris Biffle (Founder of WBT) uses to give immediate, quick praise to students…he also suggests having students give them, as well.  They are simple, but our students LOOOOOVE earning them!  These little chants can boost even the saddest of kiddos!  These little chants are what we "give" to students for accomplishing the smaller/everyday victories!

One last thing: We can hear some of you saying, "Ugghh!  What about the poor kiddos who struggle and may always end up at the bottom?"  We are so glad you asked ;0).  One of the things we strive hardest to do is creating a classroom environment that promotes a growth mindset and one where students build each other up and work together when appropriate!  Our students are often pushing each other to learn the newest sight word or skill; they practice tough stuff together and love when they can help a peer learn something new.  What we love about the growth mindset is that students are reflective of their own work and learning all throughout the day!  These posters, data binders, and class chants allow students to literally "see" where they are comparatively and our hope is that they feel an intrinsic desire to work to move up a level, color in a new column in their binder, or earn a ten or twelve finger woo from their classmates.

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Thank you for stopping by…and HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!  We hope you have been pampered, spoiled, and loved…but, most of all- we hope you have felt appreciated this week!  

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