5 Quick and Easy Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Hello!  Joya here from Live Love Serve Teach.  Today I'm sharing some quick and easy brain breaks for the classroom, and let's face it, home too.  These are super simple but very powerful and don't require a computer... something that's important to me as a substitute since I usually don't have access to one.


Did you know that jumping resets your brain?  Cortisol levels remain in the brain for up to 30 days if nothing is done to relieve stress.  Jumping helps reduce cortisol levels and resets the brain. Simple jumping in place works.  Feeling creative?  Get out the jump ropes and teach them a rhyme from your childhood.  "Not last night but the night before... 24 robbers  came knocking at my door".  Anyone remember that one?  Or did I just qualify myself as old?

Leave the room!  

Leaving the room resets the brain.  Ever wonder why when you walk into another room to get something you tend to forget what it is you were looking for?  All. the. time!!!  This is why!  Simply take the class on a walk where they leave the room and BAM!  Brains are reset.

Staying Alive!

Yes!  You heard me right.  Do a little John Travolta action in your classroom as a brain break.  The motion of crossing your body when you reach across and to the sky and then back down to the ground helps reset the brain.  If you have a computer you can play the music... as a sub I just sing it out and we do it as a class.

4 Simple Moves!

These 4 simple moves provide a brain break for kids:
1. push your hands together in front of you as hard as you can
2. holding your two hands together in front of you, try and pull them apart
3. sitting in their chair, students push down as hard as they can on their desks with their hands
4. sitting in their chair, students use their hands to try and do a chair push up by pushing down on their chair and raising themselves off their chair. 
For each of these we count to 5 and release.  Works like a charm!

Upside Down!

Kids need to be upside down.  I swear my 5 year old son spends most of his days upside down in some form or another.  The simple yoga move downward dog is an excellent way to get kids upside down.  Also doing a bridge or crab walk helps, even though it's not completely upside down.  I will also have kids lay down next to their chair and just put their legs (knee and down) up on their chair.  Believe it or not... it works.  I often let kids read in this position for independent reading, especially if they missed out on getting a special spot.  

What quick and easy brain breaks do you use in your classroom??

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