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Hey Punchbowl lovers! It’s Jordan from Ferrell in First! I cannot wait to share one of my new favorite activities with you! My kinders are having so much fun with reading and I always try to find as many ways as I can to keep them engaged and wanting more. Every Friday in my room we have been doing STEM Centers and it has become one of my absolute favorite times of the week. Listening to their little convos and seeing them have so much fun is worth every second of the prep and then some! Last week we did a pom-pom ball catapult and the room was non-stop giggles. Anyways, after all the fun we had with the pom-poms and the solo cups I wanted MORE! Which brings me to… CVC Ping Pom! I am going to warn you, it is nothing beautiful and fancy but I can tell you my kiddos had a blast and I would be willing to be that yours will too! So this is how I set it up! I placed 6 cups on the left side (beginning sound), 5 in the middle (vowels) and then 6 on the right side (ending sound.) In each of the cups I placed a little magnet letter that I had but the freebie I am attaching also has round letter cards you can place in the bottom.

It looks a little something like this!

The kiddos then got 3 of those little pom-poms and had to sink it into 3 cups for a beginning, middle and ending sound. Once they had a pom-pom in each of the cups they could step up and check out what sounds they landed! They had to read them aloud to their group as the group records them and then finally had to decide if the word was real or nonsense.

(Don't mind the hat....Hat day haha)

Having all of the kiddos record the word kept everyone engaged and having fun! What is also great is this is so easy to adapt for the kiddos who are still struggling with the CVC words. Still having a hard time?? No problem, the group was able to help! 

Here are some more pics of my kiddos in action!

Safe to say they had a blast and learned a whole lot while doing so. I will chalk this one up as a win!

Interested in doing this activity in your classroom? Materials are easy: solo cups, pom-pom balls and letters! If you would like to use my recording sheets you can grab the freebie here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! We can't wait to try it!


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